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Unveiling the RHINO SHOE PU Series: Elevating Safety with Style and Innovation!

Dec 1, 2023 9:33:15 AM / by Seah Shu Qing

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Introducing the new launching of PU Series RHINO SHOE, where cutting-edge technology meets style. Our 10 new models, designed for various industries, redefine safety standards with unmatched features.


The PU Advantage: BASF (Germany) & COIM (Italy) Collaboration

At the heart of the innovation is the specially formulated PU material sourced from the world's leading manufacturers, BASF and COIM. This collaboration ensures the highest quality standards, making RHINO SHOE's PU Series a pinnacle of durability and performance. The PU material is designed for extended hydrolysis resistance, doubling the shelf-life from the standard 1-2 years to an impressive 2-4 years. 


Cutting-Edge Direct Injection Technology (Fully Automated)

One of the standout features of the PU Series is the utilization of direct injection technology onto the shoe upper. This fully automated process results in a lightweight design with superior shock absorption, non-marking soles, and antistatic properties.  RHINO SHOE always committing in safety footwear innovation.


Explore the 4 Unique Series


  1. Safeguard Series: Classic Safety Redefined

    PU Series Lineup-01

    The Safeguard Series is a classic choice, featuring standard steel toe cap & steel plate, single density PU, and Full Grain Leather with Barton Print. This series offers a timeless design suitable for most generic industries.


    PU101SP (Low cut, lace-up)

    PU201SP (Mid cut, lace-up)

  2. Flexiguard Series: Flexibility Meets Functionality

    PU Series Lineup-02

    The Flexiguard Series combines Full Grain Leather with Booty Print, double density PU/PU, and metal-free design for enhanced comfort and flexibility. Ideal for industries demanding flexibility and additional protection without compromising on comfort.


    ES101KP (Low cut, lace-up)

    ES102KP (Low cut, slip-on)

    IV102KP (White, washable microfibre, low cut, slip-on)


  3. Primeguard Series: Where Style Meets Safety

    PU Series Lineup-04

    The Primeguard Series, made of Premium Buffalo Crazy Horse Leather in brown, combines style and safety. With Double Density PU/PU and ESD functions for the first three models, this series is tailored for industries where a stylish appearance is crucial.


    CH101KP (Low cut, lace-up)

    CH111KP (Low cut, lace-up)

    CH211KP (Mid cut, lace-up)

    CH302KP (Metal-free, high cut, pull-up)


  4. Voltguard Series: Unmatched Electrical Protection

    PU Series Lineup-03

    The Voltguard Series, offering electrical insulation up to 18kV, is crafted with Premium Buffalo Crazy Horse Leather in black. With a sporty look and advanced safety features, this series is tailored for industries with electrical hazards.

    Model: CH201KP


Elevate Your Safety Standards with RHINO SHOE

RHINO SHOE's commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of the new PU Series. Whether you're in a classic, flexible, stylish, or electrically sensitive environment, there's a model crafted just for you. Step into the future of safety with RHINO SHOE – Make Your Every Step Safer!



RHINO SHOE Catalogue 


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Seah Shu Qing

Written by Seah Shu Qing